A Quick Run Down on Microgreens

The last couple of weeks one of my lovely stepsisters has been kind enough to share some of the produce from her garden with me. Yesterday I received some freshly cut microgreens and a fairly large container with microgreens that were still planted. She gave me a quick run down on how to harvest them, … Continue reading A Quick Run Down on Microgreens

Are Birds Friend or Foe for your Garden?

When I fantasize about the lavish garden I hope to have some day, I picture different scenarios, but there are a few things that remain constant. There's always a fence around the backyard (to keep my dogs in and the deer out), there's always busy little bees and butterflies, and I also picture birds. While … Continue reading Are Birds Friend or Foe for your Garden?

A Beginner Planting Trees

Disclaimer: This is literally my first time ever planting trees! However, I did have guidance from my father who has planted many trees in his day. What we're planting: 1 Snowsweet Apple Tree1 Haralson Apple Tree1 Summercrisp Pear Tree1 Luscious Pear Tree Other supplies needed: Post Hole Digger (preferably)Shovel (if you don't have a post … Continue reading A Beginner Planting Trees

What to Know Before you Become a Plant Parent

I've been guilty of walking through the gardening department of some store and becoming enamored with a beautiful plant. I've bought them on a whim without doing any research and then felt confused and helpless when something goes wrong. Sometimes the plants will come with some helpful tidbits attached, but even when that is the … Continue reading What to Know Before you Become a Plant Parent