A Vegan Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving will be marking two milestones in my life. Not only is it my first Thanksgiving since becoming vegan, but it will also be our first time hosting. We're admittedly only having my mom and grandma over, but I'm still embracing my first introduction to the world of holiday hosting and, to be honest, … Continue reading A Vegan Thanksgiving

Can Everyone be Vegan?

I was watching this video the other day that was about how not all vegans think alike. Several statements were made to five different vegans and they had to decide whether they agreed, strongly agreed, disagreed, or strongly disagreed. You could see that every statement received a variety of answers, so clearly the vegan community … Continue reading Can Everyone be Vegan?

Good Deeds Shouldn’t Require an Audience (An Opinion Piece)

There's been an influx of footage online of seemingly generous acts. Have you seen videos of one student giving a gift to a less popular student while surrounded by a crowd of classmates (all recording the act on their phones)? Or maybe someone giving away food or large sums of money to a homeless person? … Continue reading Good Deeds Shouldn’t Require an Audience (An Opinion Piece)