What does Good Vegan Nutrition Actually Look Like?

I've seen a lot of misinformation out there about which plant foods are good sources of key nutrients. There was an image going around that stated that broccoli had even more protein per calorie than beef does. This is incredibly misleading. Think about how caloric beef is compared to broccoli. Now imagine how much broccoli … Continue reading What does Good Vegan Nutrition Actually Look Like?


Vegan Gray Areas: Zoos

Many people, vegan or not, strongly feel that they love animals. That's why they like visiting places like zoos and aquariums. That's why they like tourist attractions that allow them to take a picture holding a koala or even a lion cub. These are the isolated incidents in which most of us could possibly encounter … Continue reading Vegan Gray Areas: Zoos

Vegan Gray Areas: The Impossible Whopper

Yesterday was the day when the Impossible Whopper premiered in all U.S. Burger King locations. There are several reasons why the vegan-ess of Impossible Meat is in question and separate concerns over the preparation of the Whoppers themselves (not to mention the larger health and financial ramifications).  I ordered one of these sandwiches today (no … Continue reading Vegan Gray Areas: The Impossible Whopper