Adopt Don’t Shop: Why it Matters

You've probably heard the phrase 'adopt don't shop' at some point in your life. It's a stand alone statement that many feel requires no further explanation. The implication is that adopting an animal is clearly a good thing, but shopping for one through a breeder is not good or ethically neutral, but is in fact … Continue reading Adopt Don’t Shop: Why it Matters


Community Involvement

There are many ways someone can participate in creating a better community, such as: supporting local businesses, volunteering, donating to local charities, or joining a group like a church, sports team, or other club. Why does it matter? There is research that indicates that people who actively participate in their communities have a higher sense … Continue reading Community Involvement

Homesteading: A Call to a Simpler Life

If you're not familiar with the world of homesteading you may be picturing a 'Little House on the Prairie' scenario. Let me clarify what I'm talking about. Homesteading is a lifestyle focused on self-sufficiency. For some people, that means having a few backyard chickens, a vegetable garden, and making homemade bread twice a week. Other … Continue reading Homesteading: A Call to a Simpler Life