The Truth About Pit Bulls

Full disclosure: I do have a pit bull at home. Some people may think that makes me biased, but I think having one in my life, in addition to my time spent working with dogs at the animal shelter, gives me additional insight into this topic. I won't be getting into any anecdotes about my … Continue reading The Truth About Pit Bulls


Why you Shouldn’t Declaw your Cat

About four years ago we brought our cat José home for the first time. A coworker was no longer able to keep him and we took him off her hands so he didn't end up at the shelter. He was roughly eleven weeks old and I remember feeling nervous because even though I'd had pets … Continue reading Why you Shouldn’t Declaw your Cat

Homesteading: A Call to a Simpler Life

If you're not familiar with the world of homesteading you may be picturing a 'Little House on the Prairie' scenario. Let me clarify what I'm talking about. Homesteading is a lifestyle focused on self-sufficiency. For some people, that means having a few backyard chickens, a vegetable garden, and making homemade bread twice a week. Other … Continue reading Homesteading: A Call to a Simpler Life